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Kobe says soccer is the best sport for basketball players

 Kobe Bryant ,NBA Superstar has achieved insurmountable goals including Five Time NBA Champion, Two Time NBA Finals MVP and Eighteen Time NBA All-Star. After 20 years in the league and reflecting on his career, he credits the game of soccer. It helped him to develop foot speed, coordination, communication & teamwork and endurance. Using the game of soccer to build athleticism in any sport athlete has both its developmental and anatomical benefits.

Developmental:increased multidirectional agility via foot/eye synergy, long distance endurance capacity, refining of acceleration technique

Anatomical: increased hamstring deceleratory strength,improved hamstring to quad ratio,improved hip mobility

Even outside of soccer, athletes should add 1 or 2 sport( based on sport timeline) to support with continual athletic competence, joint protection/stability  and overall rest/suppleness 

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