high/middle school

12-21yrs of age

How can a maturing athlete become their best? And How is this achieved? 

By increasing movement intensity and complexity with proper layering to a form an accurately precise product.In doing so, each individual athlete associates a similar movement or past experience with the previous teaching tool adding their own genetic quality and making it their own. The pattern becomes a resource in their “tool box” and lays a strong foundation. So to answer the age old question, ”Can an individual be made into an athlete?”  Yes! By supporting proper developmental windows of opportunity(age,height,weight) with proper training;results come easy and a once future thought... now is a reality.  Athletes will learn how to take care of their bodies via regeneration sessions and how to apply the training to their practice, off the field and at home. SDP is ready to take you to the next level!

(Potentiating Talent + Training History)/ Drill Layering & Progression + Developmental Windows of Opportunity=Purposeful/Successful Athlete

Program includes:


  • Movement Preparation Warmup
  • Linear/Lateral Speed Education & Technique
    • Resisted Training & Speed Application 
    • Drill Execution and Application
  • Overspeed & Absolute Velocity
  • Linear/Lateral Horizontal & Vertical Power
  • Multidirectional Deceleration & Agility
  • Multidirectional 1st step quickness
  • Plyometric Power Response
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Strength & Proper Motor Patterning
  • Reaction & Athleticism


  • Vertical/Horizontal Power Development
  • Lower Body Strength & Joint Stabilization
    • Mobility/Flexibility
  • Upper Body Strength & Joint Stabilization
    • Mobility/Flexibility
  • Core Integration
  • Balance
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Body Readiness Education