5-11 years old

At the developmental ages of 5-11, each athlete must take the appropriate time to focus on the critical stages of training. The two stages listed below ensure that coordination, movement technique, speed, balance, agility and endurance are tended to at particular times of growth, therefore maximizing the effects of training .

STAGE 1:FUNdamentals-objective is the quality execution and overall development of basic movement ( hop, jump, skip, starting, stopping, running, timing, reaction).

STAGE 2:LEARN TO TRAIN-main objective is to build overall strength and specific agility and movement skills, which will prepare them for the next stage of sport skill.

If their ability to become “physically literate” (increased movement vocabulary) expands, then the sports world becomes a breeding ground for younger athletes that have what it takes to quickly succeed at higher levels of sport and life.

Program includes:    

  • Body Awareness, Hand/Foot Eye Coordination
  • RunningTechnique-Linear & Multidirectional Speed Training and Athlete Education
  • Jumping, Power, Deceleration Technique and Application
  • ABC’s-Agility, Balance ,Coordination
  • Fundamental Strength and Proper Motor Patterning(bending, twisting, posture)
  • Injury Management & Prevention    
  • Core Control