"I'll never forget after I worked with you in 2012, I set the record for most goals in a single MLS season for the Seattle Sounders by any player in franchise history (Dempsey just beat it last year). I had no club for a year before and you really helped me get my running form back by implementing proper mechanics.You also helped me to strengthen other parts of my body that I was never taught, and as a result it gave me a distinct edge over everyone else. You're the best to me and I hope the Lord continues to bless you."

Eddie Johnson

Major League Soccer Comeback Player of the Year 2012/2012 MLS All-Star

MLS Player- Seattle Sounders,Kansas City Wizards,FC Dallas-2001-07’/2012-15’

US Men's National Team 2004-2014



"When training at the IMG Academy, Stacey was a great help for me.  My training time at home (when not traveling) was obviously important to me and Stacey always continued to help me get fitter and stronger.”

Kei Nishikori

Professional Tennis Player (ATP ranked #6)


"Before working with Stacey I didn't know what working hard was. He taught me work ethic and that results really do come with a little focus and drive. Stacey always set goals and pushed me to meet them. I learned a lot while working with him in high school and I wouldn't be where I am today without his expertise."

Dillon Moyer

Major League Baseball Player-Everett Aquasox(MiLB)


"Stacey Daniels 'training has helped me out tremendously throughout my whole career. I started working with Stacey as a preteen and his training has helped me get to where I am today as a professional soccer player. His workout programs helped me with my speed and agility to be able to blow by defenders and his lower body and upper body workouts helped give me the strength to hold off defenders. Stacey is very good at what he does and has helped not only myself but most of my teammates on the USA men's national team as well."

Freddy Adu

US Men's National Soccer Player- 2006-11’

Youngest player in Major League Soccer  history(DC United/Philadelphia Union)


“Stacey Daniels became my performance coach in 2004 when I was a wide-eyed 16-year-old soccer player aspiring to play professionally. In that first season, he helped me build a foundation that jumpstarted my career. More important than learning the fundamentals of speed, mobility, and strength training, Stacey taught me how to take care of my body. In the ten years since, Stacey has made himself available to me year-round. Always provided cutting edge insights that make me a more efficient and dynamic athlete. His knowledge, skills, and expertise have proven invaluable for my progression to and continued growth in the professional ranks”.

Zak Boggs

Major League Soccer Player-New England Revolution-2010-2012

Pittsburg Riverhounds-2016


"Stacey has been a big part of my life through the development of my soccer career and into my profession after college. Stacey was my speed and strength coach in high school. He helped me develop my strength and speed and pushed me to my limits each day I was with him. Because of him I was able to receive a full scholarship and start as a freshman as aD1 soccer player and compete at the highest level. He continued to push me through college and was always there to encourage me through the years. I continued my love for sports and fitness after college as I became personal trainer because of the positive impact Stacey has had on my life. Without Stacey and the experience and knowledge I have learned from him throughout the years, I would not have reached my full potential in college or have fallen in love with my career as a trainer. Stacey is the best coach and mentor anyone could have His knowledge, love and passion for what he does daily is remarkable. Thank you for all you have done and for all that you continue to do for me!"

Jess Bartol

Division 1 Soccer player- SMU Alumni

Personal Trainer


"When an athlete is training to be the best he or she can be, one is always looking for someone or something that can give them a certain edge that will result in the best improvement possible. This edge for me came in the form of Stacey Daniels. He is one of the most knowledgable trainers I have had the pleasure of working with throughout my football career. He is constantly in tune with the mind and body while pushing the athlete. However, Stacey is just as great of a person. There's a bright light within him that shines far and wide into the people he comes in contact with. Anyone who works with him will experience just as much human development & spiritual maturity as physical improvement."

Preston T. Bailey III

University of Tennessee-2008/ MTSU- Offensive Lineman 2009-11 

HS Football State Champion-Montgomery Bell Academy

Mr.Football Division II HS Lineman of the year-2007


"Stacey Daniels has been a tremendous influence on our son both physically and personally.  From a performance perspective,he greatly improved his quickness, strength, agility, and versatility as a soccer player over the last 3 years.  The best part of his training sessions is that he explains the "why" and the "science" behind what they do thereby getting a 100% buy-in from our son.  Stacey teaches technique better than anyone I've ever seen and makes the hard work and grind of training at such a high level become really fun by finding what motivates each athlete.  Personally, Stacey has been a positive male role model, and supported our son through a number of huge life events.  We are so pleased that our son feels that Stacey is always there for him - as a coach, as a supporter and as a friend.  Stacey helped him  reach his full potential in soccer and was there for him after he  suffered a serious injury to help him overcome it both physically and mentally.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the decision to become a part of Stacey’s community of athletes and friends."

Patrick Dauchot//parent of Division 1 soccer athlete 

"Every single session was productive. I showed up knowing I was going to get better that day. Whether it was linear focused or trimming tenths off of my shuttle times for Pro Day, Stacey always made sure it was a productive work day. I'll always be grateful to him for how he took time to help me improve."

Trey Wilson

Vanderbilt Football Cornerback- Alumni 13’

"When I first arrived at IMG academy I had just had surgery to repair a torn lateral meniscus.  Even though I was not able to participate fully with the rest of the group, Stacey was still able to put me through a variety of workouts that not only help strengthen and stabilize my knee, but he also helped me with my overall flexibility and mobility in my hips which was an area of emphasis.  Stacey introduced exercises to me that made me much more aware of my body and his help is a large reason why I was able to play and excel in the East West Shrine Football game four weeks out of surgery and get invited to NFL Camp with the New York Jets."

Albert Rosette

National Football League(NFL) Draft Prospect 2014’



 "I can't say enough wonderful things about Coach Stacey.  He has helped both of my kids tremendously in their respective sports.  With each of my children, he has tailored their training to specifically fit the needs of their particular sport.  For my daughter, who plays striker on her soccer team, he has dramatically improved the power behind her shot as well as enhanced her speed and ability to harness that speed to change direction to outwit any defender.  For my son, who plays goalie in both lacrosse and hockey, he has done wonders to enhance his hand-eye coordination, reaction time and footwork to make the save.  Without fail, after finishing a group of training sessions with Coach Stacey, my children's coaches inevitably comment on the improvement my children have made.  After a series of sessions with Coach Stacey, another soccer parent came up to me after a game and said "Where did your daughter learn to shoot like that?" He signed his daughter up the next week.  Sessions with Coach Stacey have been especially helpful for my son who has epilepsy and because of that certain athletic movements don't come easily to him.  Coach Stacey really helped him develop a solid athletic base which helped him improve every aspect of his game.

You can tell he really enjoys working with children and even though they are exhausted after a session, my children always say "When do we get to work out with Coach Stacey again!"  I couldn't ask for a better strength, agility and speed coach for my children."

Michelle Erim//parent of 10yr old girl & 12yr old boy


"My 11 year old son has worked with Stacey over the past 18 months. Our initial request was to work on improving his speed and agility for soccer but more recently as my son has transitioned into playing football Stacey has worked with him on improving his flexibility, hand eye coordination and strength & conditioning. We have been delighted with the results and you can see huge improvement in my sons fitness and strength on the field.

Stacey has also worked hard with my son to alleviate significant knee pain that he experiences as a result of having OsgoodSchlatter disease in his knees. Through targeted stretching and strengthening exercises my son has been able to compete fully in all sports with almost no side effects - something that was not possible before."

Allison Crocker//parent of 11yr old boy



"Being a part of the US National Team Soccer staff in Bradenton, FL for the under 17 residency program, we had access to the very best soccer players, equipment, facilities and modalities. Our strength coach/movement specialist was no exception. Stacey Daniels provided our young athletes with intelligent programming to maximize performance given their busy schedules and heavy work loads in an ultra-competitive environment. Having spent two years watching Stacey manage the players, I found it amazing that he always found a way to make each young athlete better. Improvements such as adjusting a player's stride for more efficiency, building body mass to generate more power, increasing flexibility to promote a broader range of motion or the development of core strength to better manage the constant change of direction.I found Stacey to be incredibly dedicated to his profession with a contagious personality which carried over to all the athletes with whom he worked. I have the fondest regard for Stacey and can truthfully recommend him to any coach or athlete looking to improve athletic performance. "

Erik Imler

University of Kentucky Men’s Soccer Assistant Coach-2012

US U-17 Mens National Team Assistant Coach -2010-2012

DC United-Major League Soccer  Cup Champion 96’

Olympic Team-91-92’

US Mens National Team-93’

Collegiate National Champion-University of Virginia-89’,91’,92’


"Stacey was well received by my team of girls.  He was very effective at getting them to buy into the necessary components of speed and strength and to be better athletes with his easy going personality.  I can say with no hesitation that my team was better because of his involvement.  It became so apparent when, by season's end, my girls were easily standing up to the physical challenges and even knocking girls off the ball that had previously done that to us.  It was all down to Stacey and his curriculum."

Division 3 Head Women’s Soccer Coach


"I have an interesting perspective; as both a client and a sports medicine physician that recommends Stacey to certain patients.  I enjoy sprinting and Stacey is working with me on my sprinting mechanics to reach a personal fitness goal, a 4.5 second 40-yard dash time. His expertise on running mechanics and the kinematics/kinetics of most lower body sports movements makes him one of my favorite professionals to recommend to athletic patients who need to transition from physical therapy to sports performance.  He’s definitely my top choice for soccer and sprinting athletes."

Leon Scott, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation

Vanderbilt Bone & Joint


"Stacey Daniels helped the athlete in me, daughter of a college basketball coach, mother of 8 kids, and wife of a longtime professional baseball player, become even stronger inside and out as a person through his workouts.At the time I was working out with Stacey I owned an indoor cycle studio, and while taught many classes daily, I benefitted from the cross training and core power with Stacey that helped me then and even now at 50 years old! Stacey made me work harder and his knowledge of the body and mind took me and my own kids (professional and college athletes now) to another level!Life fitness is what Stacey instills in his clients. He truly is the best at what he does and  the Moyer family are better athletes and people because of him."

Karen Phelps Moyer

CO founder The Moyer Foundation and Founder of Sisters in Sports


"I needed to get in shape and it wasn’t happening on my own. That’s when I called Stacey. I had 3 goals: Have fun. Be healthy. Lose weight. With his help I was able to do all 3 of those things and I felt like a new man after training with him for only 3 months. He was always prepared, he worked with my crazy touring schedule and he always encouraged me toward bettering myself and others around me. I can’t recommend him high enough."

Michael Boggs

Singer & Songwriter/Worship Leader


"As I've gotten older, my body doesn't recover from exercising like it used too. I have to be careful now not to over extend myself or it can take me three or more days to be able to exercise again. When I came to Stacey at SD Performance, I was searching for a trainer who would push me, but also respect and understand where I was physically. He was able to make me stronger and give me my balance back, without me having to recover for three or more days between training sessions!  I felt my physical health improved and Stacey taught me how to do the exercises the right way and to understand my body better. Stacey is so positive and took a real interest in my overall wellbeing."

Ashley Dill(48 years old)


"Stacey Daniels has a solid understanding of the performance field and excels in his ability to instruct and instill proper body mechanics and performance habits.  As an endurance runner, his work with me was expert in mastering form, gaining speed and staying injury free.  I highly recommend Stacey to anyone seeking to improve form, functionality and athletic performance"

Ashley Tarr

Endurance Athlete