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4 Day Adult Wellness Strength Workout


This program is for the adult"gym goer" that (1) has access to various types of equipment:machine driven, dumbbells, barbells, physioballs (2)looking to gain total body strength, muscle definition, endurance, mobility, core symmetry and increase posture

Keys to success:

  1. Perform an adequate warmup that allows your body to feel connected, awake and energetic. You should finish with a slight sweat.
  2. Use the Warmup Part 2 to activate stabilization & balance musculature. Maintain long postural lines and toes facing forward
  3. Use the mirror or partner cueing to keep you achieving healthy patterns and a determined motivation
  4. Warmdown properly for 5-10 minutes that includes light cardio and active stretches(2-3s) 

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Adult Wellness Strength Program: Day 1 & 2

Adult Wellness Strength Program: Day 3 &4

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