Leadership is confidence not arrogance//Steve Shenbaum

I met Steve Shenbaum(Founder of Game on Nation), while down in Florida and we quickly became good friends. When I say that this man was hilarious, I would shed tears every time that I we had a conversation and more so when I heard him speak. However his objective wasn't to make us laugh, but to be instill a comfortable confidence. What I mean is that we all want to be confident, but it cannot be mistaken for arrogance. Comfortable Confidence allows others in to share your happiness, while arrogance tempts you to stand alone. 

This video segments touches on a couple important concepts:

1. We are easily influenced by external information: tv, texts, social media and music. Before a gathering, meeting or sports event,prepare by only allowing your eyes/ears to take in encouraging info. Don't associate with someone via text or social media that will deplete your emotional tank. Why do you think people listen to music before a big event? It puts them in the right mindset. Because we live in a technological culture, its the same for social media, tv, podcasts and videos. 

2..Your connection with people, coworkers teammates start as you walk in the room. Your actions speak louder than words, so be able to show others that you are ready to make a positive impact.

3. Show up to inspire. That means you have to leave all pre existing concerns, conflicts and situations not at the door, but across the hallway. Give others a chance to play a role in your life.Walk purposely with the expectation that wherever you are is exactly where you need to be..If you don't feel that way re evaluate why you started. This will measure alignment. 

4.Surround yourselves with people that have your back. The same way that they show you that they care, you have to reciprocate. We weren't made to succeed alone. Bring others along with you. I guarantee that its a lot more fun!

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