"Because of Coach Stacey, I was able to receive a full scholarship and start as a freshman as a D1 soccer player and compete at the highest level. He continued to push me through college and was always there to encourage me through the years"

-Jess Bartol//Division 1 Soccer Alumni & Personal Trainer

"I'll never forget after I worked with you in 2012, I set the record for most goals in a single MLS season for the Seattle Sounders by any player in franchise history...You also helped me to strengthen other parts of my body that I was never taught, and as a result it gave me a distinct edge over everyone else.

-Eddie Johnson//Major League Soccer Player(MLS) & US Men's National Soccer Team

"Stacey made me work harder and his knowledge of the body and mind took me and my own kids  to another level!Life fitness is what Stacey instills in his clients. He truly is the best at what he does and the Moyer family are better athletes and people because of him." 

-Karen Phelps Moyer//Co-founder The Moyer Foundation and Founder of Sisters in Sports


Be your Best | Gain Confidence | Stay Healthy

SDP1 customizes programs pertinent to every area of athletic development and wellness; including:

  • Middle & High School Athletes
  • Individual Private & Small Group Training
  • Collegiate & Pro Athlete Training
  • Agility Training & Speed Development
  • Strength Training
  • Team Training including Soccer, Football, Basketball,Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Hockey, Volleyball, Tennis, etc.
  • Annual Speed & Agility Camps
  • Adult & Wellness Training


  • Consultation-team/individual
  • Stride Assessment with Video Analysis(see under Consultation)
  • Musculo-Skeletal Assessment(See under Consultation)

It's with much excitement that I can recommend the perfect read for the New Year by my good friend Tim Shaw. I'm honored to be able to share my story in this book and hope that after you read it, that you create your own story!

Blitz Your Life is a "collection of reflections from a former NFL Lineabacker on a life lived fearlessly and challenges from a man with a sense of urgency for impact" 

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Training All Ages | Education & Wholistic Approach | Attain Goals & Get Results


With 14 years of experience, education and research, SDP has built it's brand on the recognition that each sport,gender,developmental age and lifestyle requires it's own performance DNA.Customizable programs outline the urgency to identify means of improvement,while heightening the response to execution & progress


Elite Performance

compete...grind...& develop power

Imagine the body as a high octane automobile engine. No matter the size of the car, it has the potential to exude an extremely high power output  By targeting  multidirectional movement mechanics, strength recruitment patterns and mobility deficiencies , the results are exponential as the body continues to mature. During this competitive phase..TRAINING IS NOW! Teaching these principles early as well as  timely through education, execution and application will give a distinct performance advantage through all sports and aspiring ages. 

Adolescent/Youth Performance


Children have the ability to build complex thought patterns and link them into the spontaneous nature of their sport. The developmental nature of a child comes with incorporating a variety of activities that create a wide skill set, rather than a specific skill. In doing so, important athletic motor qualities such as coordination, balance, spatial and body awareness, hand eye coordination, timing, agility and speed maturation are appropriately formed. The evolution of sport skill becomes a enjoyable and progressive process.


Pro Athlete Training

Execute...fine tune

Pro Athlete programming & training mimics the extensive effort demanded at their playing level. SDP has trained NBA,NFL,MLS,MLB,NHL,ATP,WTA,PGA,LPGA athletes and more. Each program is geared to elicit maximal result by demanding  absolute effort in multiple performance facets. Through advanced movement mechanics, each movement skill is polished to form a full expression of reactive power production and multidirectional acuity 

Adult & Wellness Training

feel better...live stronger

In this fast paced world it's very easy to become sidetracked by the bulk of multitasking, and put our health on the “waiting list”. Our wellness should be our priority. It's what makes us tick and accomplish more on our "to do" list.
The initial visit includes a lifestyle assessment that will bring (1) awareness to what is needed (2) start to set better habits (3)establish accountability (4) create a better you !

Sessions include total body strength, improvements in lean muscle mass, mobility,cardiovascular fitness, core and postural management