As a professional, every day has to be intentional...holding a specific purpose on how you can advance your game. The enduring sport requires you to perform at the highest levels, no exception. The SDP Pro Training Protocol,supports the high demand by implementing a detailed  program that integrates all facets of performance including:

Program includes:


>>Hybrid General Motor Patterns & Sport Specific

  • Movement Screen Assessment
  • Core Integration
  • Movement Preparation Warmup
  • Linear/Lateral Speed Application
    • Resisted & Variable Training 
    • Sport Specific Application
  • Overspeed & Absolute Velocity
  • 360 Power Development 
  • Linear/Lateral Horizontal & Vertical Power
  • Backwards & Multidirectional Speed Application & Responsive Change of Direction
  • Multidirectional 1st step quickness
  • Balance & Rotary Stability
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Static & Transitional Strength 
  • Energy System Development 

Notable Athletes Trained

**trained while at IMG Academy